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Open Panel
by RW: Ronald J. Weldy

When you petitioned your lodge and eventually met with the investigating committee, you received your first experience of what might be expected of you as a Freemason. Their sole purpose was to ascertain if you were indeed a true man, of good reputation and in good standing within the community and to report their findings to the members of the lodge.  Since it was you who sought admission into the fraternity, your first duty was to convince this committee that you were in deed worthy of being recommended to receive the degrees of Freemasonry.

Having passed that first test and eventually those that followed in the several degrees, you became a Master Mason. Your duties were carefully explained to you during the degrees, counseling sessions with members of the lodge. From the beginning, it was hoped that you would contribute much to your lodge and Freemasonry.

How often do you attend your lodge or participate in its activities or programs? We all know that relatively few Masons attend their lodge on a regular basis. Although your frequent attendance is earnestly solicited, yet it is not intended that Masonry should interfere with your necessary vocation.

After a short time, many new Master Masons no longer attend their lodge on a regular basis. Nonetheless, their duties do not diminish. Keep in mind, that each of us is someone’s impression of Freemasonry.  We are bound by our obligations to always act and live in a just and upright manner. Our obligations specifically spell out our duties to which we are bound to be faithful, and leave no room for interpretation on our part. Anything else is considered un-Masonic conduct and is subject to penalties and punishment by the fraternity.

Recently, Freemasonry has come under great scrutiny from various religious groups and other special interest groups who have tried to “expose” Freemasonry as a separate “religion” unto itself, or as some sort of “cult” with secret rituals and practicing “ungodly” and sacrilegious acts. Well, those of us who deeply believe in Freemasonry and the lessons taught therein, know better. Hopefully, all Masons have learned enough within the  several degrees to help them keep their faith and belief in what is right and true.

Every day of your life, everywhere you go, every deed you do, leaves an impression of who you are and what you personally believe in. It is highly imperative that all Masons represent themselves at all times as true and upright men, remembering always to meet upon the Level, act upon the Plumb, and part upon the Square. Your duties as a Freemason do require you to be a Mason more than just the once or twice a month that you might attend lodge meetings.

What we as Masons do today when nobody asks or makes us, will determine what Freemasonry becomes tomorrow, when we no longer have the freedom or the choice to make the difference